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A Common Story Happening With Sisters Now A Days

A brother approaches a sister.
       "Hey, you seem to be a very good Muslimah, just as I imagine my future wife to be! I really want to know you better before I take any step and ask for your hand in marriage!"

Sister, is this familiar to you?! Well, this is what many Muslim men are doing unfortunately on facebook or any other social network sites.


A brother approaches a sister and makes her feel special, and that he really wants to marry her.... Then he starts with her a forbidden relationship through the net because he wants to "know her better" before taking the first step towards engagement! And when she reminds him about marriage, he starts giving her some EXCUSES as: "well let's know each other more, we are still young for marriage" OR "honey! I am not ready for marriage for the moment! I didn't finish my studies yet!" OR "marriage?!!"

But how can I provide you if I marry you? Wait till I find a good work, then we will get married!" OR "dear, I don't know how to tell you this but my parents want me to marry my cousin... But of course I will "try" to convince them about our marriage!"

Sisters.....Wake up! These are all LIES and excuses because he doesn't want you actually! Many men are like him, when they will choose to get married they would let their mothers choose for them a girl who've never had a boyfriend. If someone really wants you, he would go to your house with no hesitation to ask your father/wali for your hand in marriage.

A good Muslim man wouldn't approach the girl but her wali but if he is not ready for marriage, then he would fear HIS Lord and never let you face Allah's anger by your forbidden relationship! Open your eyes before its too late. No one plays with your heart until you allow them to do".


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